3 Benefits of Hiring a Professional Audio or Video Installer

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November 29, 2018
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January 21, 2019

Why hire a professional audio or video installer 

Getting the possible look and sound out of your home media center can be a challenge! The wiring, remotes, mounting, and knowing the best quality brands takes exeriance

Want a professional sleek media center for your home? Here are the 3 benefits of hiring a professional audio or video installer. 

We offer Burlington, Greensboro and the Triad premier home theater solutions. We have a beautiful showroom that is located in Burlington, NC. We feature a full home theater that will put you in the driver’s seat. We provide theater seating, projector, in-wall speakers and more. Our home theater system is controlled by Control4, which is the ultimate home automation platform. We encourage Greensboro, Burlington, Chapel Hill and Triad residence to come and visit us.

Get the best sound possible

Here’s the scenario: You’ve just purchased a brand new TV. Upon turning it on, you’ve realized that while the picture is a dream (you can see “every blade of grass”), the sound quality is not loud enough. What do you do?

While getting a surround sound system is a great option, it comes with a hefty price tag. A professional audio installer can recommend a high-quality soundbar that can deliver the best sound at a price that meets your budget. And because a professional has an experience in creating the best media room, he can install the soundbar at the most optimum position possible to deliver the most stellar audio results.

Say goodbye to wires

Okay, you may still have a few wires here and there, but a professional knows how to strategically hide these wires and reduce cable clutter.

For example, our installers at Innovative Sound and Security will place components in storage areas, closets, and other strategic locations to streamline your media center and match your home’s aesthetics. In addition, we install professional equipment racks to organize your wires and components.

Easy to use controls

Here’s a scenario: You’ve started watching your favorite movie in the living room. Suddenly, you want to watch the movie upstairs in the bedroom while cuddling with your wife and kids. What is the best way to do this?

Setting up a Smart AV system is one of the greatest benefits of hiring a professional audio or video installer. You can watch a movie, pause it, and then pick up in the exact scene you left off in a different room in the house. You can also play the same movie on all screens of your home!

Because a professional AV installer can install all components of your entertainment system, this means that you can control everything with a single remote – from your speakers and television to even your lights! Our technicians can help you find the best remote control option for your preference. We have everything from a universal remote control to a touch screen access on the wall. Check out our smart home technology solutions.

Are you interested in setting up a home theatre system or a complete smart home solution? Contact Innovative Sound and Security for a free quote. We are committed to making your Burlington and Greensboro NC home simple to use. The control is in your hands. Call us at (336) 524-9495 today.

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