5 Reasons to Consider a Local Home Security Company

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April 14, 2017
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Why go local when it comes to your home security? Because any homeowner can greatly benefit from the more personal approach of a hometown business. Need more convincing? Here’s a few reasons to consider hiring a local home security company.

Quick emergency response time

The minutes after your alarm goes off are critical to your safety. When working with a national security company, once the alarm is triggered, the signal is passed from one state to another before it connects to your local fire or police department.

On the other hand, with a local company, the call goes directly to the centre nearest you (within a 50 mile radius from your house) to alert officials of the possible emergency.

It is said that the difference between the response time of national vs. local companies is approximately 20 minutes. This is a lot of time considering that in those precious moments your home could be engulfed with flames or be ransacked by robbers. Why risk it, right?

Familiarity with your area

The people in your local home security company are the people you possibly meet on the streets. They know the local scene and are aware of places where break-ins usually occur.

These technicians understand your problems. They know what to do should a massive power outrage occur or if there’s a severe weather that may affect your home security.

Our professionals are practically your neighbours, and they care a lot about keeping the town, neighbourhood, and your home safe.

On-time repairs and services

What happens when one of your key home security systems does not work?

Have you experienced calling to have your alarm fixed only to have someone you don’t know (a third-party or contracted technician) come to your house? With big companies, this turnaround usually takes roughly two weeks.

This is not the case when hiring locals. Once you call the service centre, a skilled technician will come to your home within 48 hours (at most) to repair your system. This technician might be the same one who installed your system, or at least someone who has worked with the same company for a long time.

Negotiable fees, payments and contracts

Contracts and fees from national security companies tend to be longer, plus the fees are standardised. On the other hand, local companies have negotiable rates.

Plus, because you are not working with a major corporation with board of directors, you can personally talk to the owner in case you come across hard times. This makes it possible to discuss a solution in case you still want to continue the service.

Personal customer service

Local technicians are more hands-on and personal when it comes to keeping your home safe. Because they don’t have big commercials in print, they rely on word of mouth or testimonials from their customers. They don’t consider you a customer but as their neighbour and a friend. If you have a problem with your system, you can easily give them a call. They will come to your home in no time.

Want to experience the benefits of a local security company? At Innovative Sound & Security, we take time to listen to your needs. Our technicians will come to your location, evaluate the problem and design the right solution for you. We provide alarm monitoring, commercial and home security services, and home automation solutions for residents of Greensboro, Burlington, and the Triad areas. Call us at (336) 524-9495 today!

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