Alarm Monitoring

Local Security Alarm Monitoring

Innovative Sound and Security offers a monthly 24-hour security alarm monitoring service that creates the ultimate protection for your family, assets and home. We can monitor burglar alarms and fire alarms for commercial or residential customers. Security Monitoring is a service that immediately sends a signal to Innovative Sound And Securities Monitoring Station.

We are located in Burlington, NC. We offer local North Carolina Triad residence from Burlington, Greensboro, Chapel Hill and the surrounding areas security alarm monitoring.

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How It Works

The signal is sent in a matter of seconds and one of our highly trained operators will assess this information through the signals that would have been received. The operator will then take the following actions to determine the correct emergency response:

  •  Call your home to confirm that you are OK and define the exact nature of the emergency
  •  Reach your emergency contact list to notify you of the situation
  •  Send the Police, Fire Dept or Ambulance

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You can contact us right away to get at quote on our 24-Hour Alarm Monitoring Service. At Innovative Sound and Security,
we take the time to listen to your needs and create the right security solutions specifically for you.

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Cellular Monitoring

If you have cellular monitoring enabled on your home security system, we are able to continue our monitoring services without interruption.

Let’s say your phone line gets cut, or someone hit a telephone poll and your landline is down and the power goes out. With GSM Cellular monitoring your security system will still be able to operate and communicate with the monitoring station.

Our Cellular Monitoring service utilizes the same technology found in millions of cell phones, and will help ensure that your alarm system will continue to function without interruption. In fact, our Cellular Monitoring communicator uses 4G signals, , so it will always find the strongest signal in your area. The cellular transmitter has backup battery power and will continue to operate during temporary power outages.

  • Benefits of Alarm Monitoring

    When you know that your home is protected by an alarm system and a monitoring station you feel 100% protected. When it comes down to why you should protect your home, clearly family is most important. Innovative Sound and Security offers 24-hour alarm monitoring for burglary, as well as the option to monitor your home for fire/smoke, carbon monoxide, and other home emergencies.
  • 24/7 Home Monitoring

    If you have kids that are home alone or your wife is home all day while you’re at work, your family could become easy targets for burglaries or home invasions. Alarm monitoring will provide the whole family with peace of mind. It also keeps you free from stress because you know that your family is protected and secure even when you're not home.
  • Local Protection

    We can service your alarm locally with a full staff of trained professionals.  We are located in Burlington, NC. We offer local North Carolina Triad residence from Burlington, Greensboro, Chapel hill and the surrounding areas security alarm monitoring.
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