Camera Systems Provider Burlington, NC

Home Security Systems Provider Burlington, NC
November 1, 2020
Make your home security your top New Year’s Resolution.
February 1, 2021

Camera Systems Provider Burlington, NC


Do you live in the Burlington, Triangle or Triad area and are looking into having a security camera system installed at your business or home? Look no further than Innovative Sound and Security!


Security System Services

At Innovative Sound and Security we offer residential and commercial security system installation and monitoring. This typically includes motion detection, door and window sensors, and can include security cameras.


Security Camera Systems

Security cameras are a great way to up level your security system. Cameras can give you an extra form of security by allowing you to see what is going on inside of or around your home or place of business. We offer security camera installation and integration to help keep your family or business safe.

Choosing to protect your home via security cameras adds an extra layer of protection that you can’t get from a regular security system. Our security cameras are state of the art and are made to work indoors or outdoors depending on your needs.


How does it work?

Our team will come out and install your security cameras and security system according to your wants and needs. We will discuss with you the areas that you want monitored by cameras and install them accordingly. We will then show you how to use the system and how to access the camera feed.

Your security cameras can be accessed easily from your phone to allow you to see what is going on at your home or business no matter where you are. This can be great for parents that want to know when their children are getting home or if a package has been delivered. There are many perks to having a security system outside of added security to your home or business.


Why Innovative Sound & Security for your home security system in Burlington, NC?

We truly believe in securing your home the best we can. When we evaluate a home for security solutions we consider four things: security, fire, emergency and home/security automation. We specialize in helping Burlington residents protect their valuables such as computers, safes, art pieces but most importantly family. We are a locally owned and run business out of Burlington, NC so we know what you need in home security. Give us a call today to figure out which home security options are best for you!


Looking for the right security systems solutions for your Burlington, Triangle or Triad home? At Innovative Sound & Security, we truly believe in securing your home the best that we can. Moreover, our professionals evaluate four things in your home: fire, security, emergency and home automation. Because of our personalized approach, we can best deliver the right solution that’s tailored to your needs. In addition, we also provide additional services such as 24/7 alarm monitoring and 4G security connectivity for extra protection. Learn more about these security solutions. Call us for a FREE consultation at (336) 524-9495.



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