Fire Alarm Services

Fire Alarm Services Burlington/Greensboro NC

Innovative Sound and Security proudly offers fire alarm services in Burlington and Greensboro NC. We understand that every challenging situation has a solution and we aim to find the best solution possible. We do everything from complex system installation and aggressive testing schedule to repairs were other installers have come up short. You can count on us to make fire safety hassle free for your home or business.

Complete inspection of conventional and addressable fire alarm systems to include:

  • Testing of the Fire Alarm Control, including the power supplies and backup batteries
  • Complete testing of all field devices installed in the location
  • Manual pull stations
  • Smoke detectors
  • Duct detectors
  • Smoke/fire doors magnetic hold open devices
  • Sprinkler water flow and tamper alarms
  • Heat detectors
  • Carbon monoxide detectors
  • Notification appliances (horns, strobes, speakers)
  • Verification of all signals with the Central Station (if monitored)
  • Sensitivity testing of smoke detectors as required by State Fire Code .

We help you reduce the cost of your safety needs because we can do it all. You can generate massive cost by having several contracts, generating various purchase orders, approving several invoices and writing multiple checks. When you hire us to handle these projects we assure that all fire equipment is maintained properly in the required time frame while making sure you are in compliance with inspection requirements.

"We truly believe in securing your home the best we can. When we evaluate a home for security solutions we consider four things: security, fire, emergency and home/security automation." (Innovative Sound & Security)

Scott Gindlesperger

Fire Safety Standards

Virtually every building, process, service, design and installation in society today is affected by NFPA National Fire Protection Association documents and your local permits and safety inspection codes. We abide by these codes and standards to ensure your safety inspections are up to current regulations when providing Fire Alarm Services Burlington/Greensboro, NC.

 Local Fire and Safety Resources

Burlington NC Planning and Inspection Contact Information

Burlington NC Fire Department Chain Of Command

Burlington NC Fire Prevention division

Greensboro NC Planning and Inspection contact Information

Greensboro NC Fire prevention division

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