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If you are planning on building a new home or remodeling your existing home, you have come to the right place. Save money and time with Low-Voltage Pre-Wiring. Many of our customers ask us if it’s important to prewire their new home - and yes it is. In fact, we highly recommend it! We recommend that you pre-wire for anything you are possibly considering in the future for your home. Even if you don’t plan on using it right now.

  • Why prewire? By prewiring your house, you can keep many electronic components hidden away in an equipment closet or elsewhere. Proper prewiring also enables you to add new equipment to your system without having to fish cabling through the walls..
  • Automation Options for Every Home New construction options make home automation simple through structured, or bundled, wiring solutions that bring full media, entertainment and home-control communication to every room of the house.
  • Remodels Retrofitting an existing home to become automated can be as easy as plugging modules into outlets or replacing light switches with automated dimmers and switches. Designing and implementing a home automation system should follow the same steps as almost any home remodel.

Low -Voltage Pre -Wiring In Burlington NC

Innovative Sound & Security is located in Burlington NC. We provide Low-Voltage Wiring and pre-wiring in Greensboro, Burlington and the triad. We run low voltage wires for Audio, Video, Telephone, Intercom, Data and Alarm Systems. We can take care of all your low-voltage needs. We service businesses and home owners that are building new developments and houses in the Greensboro, Burlington and Chapel Hill areas.
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