Security Cameras


We offer top-quality HD Camera systems built to withstand weather, time and intruders. We have the experience and expertise to help you get the equipment and installation done right the first time round.

  • Night Vision Monitoring - Being able to clearly capture details on video at night is a crucial component of any CCTV system.
  • Weatherproof Camera Housings - Internal camera components also become more sensitive to dirt, water, and fluctuations in temperature. If you need to monitor the outside of your location, you will need weatherproof cameras or camera enclosures.
  • Remote Access on Smartphones / Tablets - With the advent of the smartphone and broadband Internet, your system is quite literally at your fingertips everywhere you go.

"We truly believe in securing your home the best we can. When we evaluate a home for security solutions we consider four things: security, fire, emergency and home/security automation." (Innovative Sound & Security)

Scott Gindlesperger

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