TV/Remote Services

TV Mounting Service

We can mount your TV on the wall, and run all cables and wires into the wall for a neat, clean installation. Your TV can be mounted on just about any surface, from a standard drywall to brick or concrete. Specializing in home theater and surround sound systems, we can integrate and mount your existing or new surround sound speakers on wall, in wall, or in ceiling.

Universal Remote Controls

This powerful remote lets you control your lights, temperature, movies, shades, music and more from the palm of your hand. Control4 integrates all of your devices into one simple system. Therefore, you can ditch all of your other remotes and have one truly “universal” control. Use the backlit list navigator to quickly enable commands, or use the remote to control on-screen navigation through your TV. It’s like having a 65” command screen! Custom program favorites buttons to enact your favorite control settings, or use the Watch or Listen buttons for one-touch access to your audio and video entertainment.
"We truly believe in securing your home the best we can. When we evaluate a home for security solutions we consider four things: security, fire, emergency and home/security automation." (Innovative Sound & Security)

Scott Gindlesperger

Media and Streaming

We can integrate streaming services throughout your whole home while enhancing the quality. We stream Netflix, Hulu , whole house audio and more. Our media distribution platform gives you the ability to access and distribute all of your favorite music or video libraries throughout your entire home instantaneously. Control4 has recently introduced a new line of media distribution products that allow you to keep all of your audio and video sources in one location and at the same time have access to them no matter where you are in your home. It distributes eight HDMI sources (Satellite/cable boxes, Blu-ray, media player, gaming device) to eight video display locations with full HD clarity. The video sources that you use all connect to this HDMI Matrix Switch in a central, out-of-sight location. HD video, audio, the internet and control functionality is all sent to each TV or video display in your home.
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