What Does A Security System Protect?

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Are you looking into getting a security system? Or maybe you are just wondering what all a security system includes. At Innovative Sound & Security we offer a range of options to keep your home secure and safe.


Door Contacts

The first part of your security system will be the door contacts. These are small devices that are placed on every exterior door in your home. If the door opens when the alarm is on then it will either beep for you to put your code in or the alarm will go off. The difference is that you typically set one door as the door you enter from and that door will beep when you open it. The other doors that you don’t typically enter from will set the alarm off. This way if anyone enters from those doors to break in, you will know immediately.


Glass Breaks

Glass breaks are small devices that are placed near windows and detect if the window glass is broken and they will set the alarm off. These are great options for ground level windows to ensure that your home and family are safe at all times.


Motion Sensors

These are devices that are placed in your home to sense motion when the alarm is set. The motion sensors are only armed when your alarm system is set to away. This means that if you are not home and someone makes it into your home and they walk past the motion sensor then it will set the alarm off.



We can install camera systems on the outside of your home for added protection. Ever heard a noise outside at night and had to go investigate? Well with cameras you can just look at the camera feed and see what is going on.


Security Monitoring

We offer monthly monitoring services at a great price. This means that when your alarm goes off the monitoring service will try to contact you and figure out if they need to call the police. If they cannot get a hold of you then they automatically send the police. This lets you know that your family is safe and someone is looking out for you. 


Cellular Monitoring

We also offer cellular monitoring which means you don’t have to have a landline phone connection to use the monitoring. It will be based on a 4G cellular signal. This is also a great option for those who have a landline. With cellular monitoring your alarm system continues to work even if your phone line is cut or is out for a period of time due to weather or other circumstances. 


At Innovative Sound & Security we know how important it is to keep your family safe and we want to help. With our systems you can have all of these features or just a few depending on your needs and budget. Give us a call today to discuss your home security needs.

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