What Is A Smart Home?

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January 21, 2019
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October 21, 2019

What is a Smart Home?

A smart home is a home with devices that can be controlled, through an internet connection, on a desktop, tablet, or smartphone. You can control appliances, lights, cameras, audio systems, security systems, televisions, thermostats, and sprinklers.


Why should I have a smart home?


A smart home can help save energy and money

 With a smart home, you can have automated heating and cooling systems. Smart thermostats consistently keep your home at a predetermined temperature which can reduce your electric bill.

 A smart home can help keep you safer 

An automated home can offer added security. Your lights, cameras, and doorbell can be connected making your home safer. Also, if someone is trying to break into your home and they notice these devices it could scare them away.

A smart home can help with household tasks

Everyone has heard of robot vacuum cleaners, but this is just one way that a smart home can help with household tasks. There are also automated appliances you can add to your home. Think about a laundry machine that automatically starts or an oven that you can control from your phone. 

A smart home can make your home more entertaining

Home automation makes it easier to enjoy all kinds of entertainment. You can have speakers connected with an AI-based digital assistant which can offer music, news updates, and can even help control other devices in your home. You can also have automated devices to assist in watching television or movies.


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