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Camera and Security


Camera and Security


Camera and Security

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Make your home uniquely yours with Control 4 OS3, allowing you to personalize your lifestyle and enhance security. Take charge of your smart home and enjoy control over a range of capabilities, including integration with home security camera systems. Define what you want from your home and experience peace of mind like never before.

Home Security Company Burlington NC

Control 4 Overview OS3

Control4 OS3 is the third-generation operating system for Control 4 home automation systems. It offers a modern user interface, favorites for quick access, streamlined room and device management, and enhanced media control. It integrates with smart devices, including home security camera systems, supports personalization, and provides an intuitive smart home experience.

What is a Smart Home?

Enjoying a movie while under a blanket of stars is undeniably appealing, but if you don’t do a bit of homework first, you might create an insurance liability in your own backyard.

Introducing the Neeo Remote

The Neeo Remote from Control4 simplifies your smart home experience with one-touch access to your favorite media and devices. Replace multiple remotes and apps with its touch screen and convenient hard buttons. It is powered by Control4 OS 3 and controls lights, thermostats, and door locks. Customize Favorites for seamless automation and enjoy a smarter, more connected home.

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Enjoy music

Connecting everything across the home, a Smart Home OS works with everything in the home, from security, comfort control, and also your music and video.

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Secure home

Finally, a Smart Home OS is customized just for you and installed by a Smart Home Professional to ensure a worry-free home security, helping you make your home home secure and safe so you can rest easy with peace of mind.

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Whole home

A Smart Home OS makes living with smart devices more efficient by scheduling actions and events to happen automatically. And when you want more hands-on control, your entire home is at your fingertips.

Control Outside of your Home

The devices and media that you use most can be Favorited so that they show up here, on the room screen, allowing you to customize each room.