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Home Security Systems

Home Security Systems: A complete guide

Looking for a Home Security System? If you’re one of the 70% of Americans who don’t have a home security system, and you are wondering what is the best option when choosing a system, how much an effective home security system would cost, and whether you really need one.

According to the FBI, each year about 2.5 million people are victims of a burglary. That’s two break-ins every minute of the day. The best way to secure your property is to install an effective security system with Innovative Sound & Security. 

At Innovative Sound & Security, we take the time to listen to your needs. We come to your location, evaluate your problem or situation, and design or implement a solution that will work right for you.

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Home Security Equipment

Install a doorbell camera.

Porch thieves are on the lookout for opportunities to steal any package – and they’re around the bend. The mere presence of a doorbell camera helps deter most porch pirates. Smart home video doorbells also have built-in motion sensors that notify you of any activity in their line of sight.

Add home security to the interior and exterior of your home.

If you have the budget, go for exterior and interior security. Complete your home with cameras that have night vision, remote access, and motion alerts. You can access these cameras via an App for constant monitoring and control anywhere you go.

Secure your doors, windows, and halls. 

Beef up your home security with a complete home management system. A comprehensive system such as the control makes it easy to monitor vulnerable areas. It eliminates “blind spots” and puts your eyes on the scene. Best of all, this system offers convenient automatic, from turning your lights on/off to ensuring that your home is never dark. 

Enroll in a comprehensive protection program.

Is your family’s safety on top of this year’s to-do list? Get in touch with the experts at Innovative Sound and Security. We can look at your property and design a custom program that works right for your needs. We offer 24/7 home monitoring for burglary, smoke, fire, and other emergencies. 

Home Security System FAQs: 

Do Home Security Systems Deter Crime?

Whether you’re thinking of a simple video doorbell camera near the front door or a fully integrated and monitored security system, anything you can do to protect your home from being broken into is a smart investment.

Will my pet trigger the motion detector?

Home security systems can be fully functional even when pets share your home. First, a typical motion sensor won’t detect a cat, dog, or anyone else under 40 pounds. Speed and movement patterns are considered along with mass to help ensure that pets don’t trigger false alarms.

Should I choose a hardwired or wireless security system?

Hardwired and wireless security systems each have advantages and disadvantages.

A hardwired system might be the most reliable, but there’s a risk of wires being cut. Hardwired systems involve more labor for installation too.

Wireless systems can be used in more places and can be installed in less time. They’re portable too; you can move a wireless system from one property to another. Cellular signals used by wireless security systems are more powerful than those used on cell phones. 

What happens to my home security system if the power goes out?

Most home security providers have battery backup systems to make sure the system remains online even if the power goes out. 

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